Favorite Cheeses
Honey Bee Goat Cheese

What is Gouda?

Mild in flavor, but yes, it does have flavor. This is not your average flavorless cheese. This cheese tastes like cheese is supposed to taste, yet is not strong. It will not overwhelm any recipe and often children will find it their new favorite snack. The texture is creamy. Easy to cut and grate, also melts beautifully. This cheese will make any recipe you usually put your average cheese in, taste like a gourmet dish...without any extra work! It is also delightful as a snack, the flavor stands alone and is great before or after meals. Enjoy with a beer or glass of wine at any gathering.

Roomano Pradera

What is Aged Gouda?

When a Gouda is aged the cheese changes in flavor and texture. The flavor gets stronger. Aged Gouda is sharp yet sweet at the same time. It is usually described as caramelly, nutty and buttery. The texture becomes more firm and flakey or crumbly when cut. When Gouda is aged to perfection it develops small pockets of crystals. When you chew the cheese you will find yourself surprised by these delightful tiny crunches. These crystals are simply lactic acid converted into a crystallized form, a natural part of the aging process. Aged Gouda can perk up any recipe..but the more the gouda is aged the more likely you will like to just enjoy it on its own. As the flavor gets stronger with age, the drink pairing can also get more bold to contrast the taste. Try with a strong Dutch beer, fruity red wines or tea.

Basil and Garlic

Our "Flavored" Gooda®

Gooda® is a Cheeseland Inc. invention. It is a cheese using the same ingredients as a normal Gouda, but the cheese-maker adds extra cream to make the flavor more creamy and delicious. All of our “Flavored” cheeses are doused with a natural ingredient...not with a liquid tasting something like what it should. For example our Honey Bee® Goat cheese has a drizzle of honey, Our Kokos® Cheese has a healthy dash of Organic Coconut Cream. Truffe Noire® cheese is sprinkled with Italian black truffles and so on... Real ingredients make these cheeses infused with flavor. None of them are overpowered by these ingredients, just delightfully enhanced.

Balarina Aged Goat Cheese

Goat & Sheeps Milk Cheese

Did you know that both Goat and Sheeps Milk cheese is easier to digest than your average Cow's Milk cheese. That makes these cheeses a great substitue for people who wish to control their lactose intake and they taste fantastic. Ewephoria® Sheeps Milk Cheese is one of our best selling cheeses. It is aged and tastes quite sweet for a cheese, making it the perfect desssert cheese. These cheeses have a firm texture, similar to our young and aged goudas. They have their own distinct flavors but are not as strong as French goat cheese.


What is Edam?

A very mild cheese that is lightly salty and nutty. It has a lower fat content than many traditional cheeses and is softer than cheeses like Cheddar due to the low fat content. Edam pairs well with fruit such as peaches, melon, apricot and cherries. Enjoy it on crackers and bread as an appetizer or desert. It pairs delightfully with Pinot Gris or a dry or semi-dry Reisling, Shardonnay and Syrah.


What is Maasdammer?

Like a Swiss cheese, Maasdammer is full of holes but Maasdammer is made in the Netherlands. The cows producing milk for that cheese are eating Dutch rather than Swiss grass and enjoying Dutch weather and so on, giving our Maasdammer cheese it’s own unique taste. It tends to be more firm and mild than an average Swiss cheese.


Our special Gouda Style cheeses

Made with the same ingredients as a normal Gouda, but our cheese-maker adds extra cream. This makes our cheeses more creamy than your average Gouda. Although similar in texture, these unique cheeses are a Cheeseland Inc. invention and have a delightful taste of their own. Some of these cheeses are Isabella®, Dutch Vintage®, Kokos®, etc.

Natural Smoked

Smoked Cheese

This cheese is naturally smoked with real oakwood chips using a cold smoke technique - no artificial ingredients, flavoring or processing are used! It's creamy, smooth, mellow and lightly smoky, slices well and melts beautifully. Ideal for BBQ Parties, melted on steaks or burgers. It's a perfect complement to meats and cold cuts, delicious with mustard.


What is Lekker?

The word "Lekker" in the Dutch language means "Delicious". It is a relatively young Gouda cheeses which melt and grates easily, has a pleasantly mild taste and creamy texture.


What is Leyden?

Both a location and a cheese type. The farmers in the Leiden area of north Holland put cumin seeds in their Gouda giving it a unique taste.


What is Pittig?

Literally translating to "Spicy Gouda", Pittig is an Extra Aged Gouda - Aged for over four years. The flavors are concentrated without getting too salty. It is still easy to cut and has a nice tangy creamy flavor. Good for snacking, cooking or as a dessert cheese.


What is Smaakvol?

“Smaakvol” translates to “tasteful” in English. This cheese is aged for 9 months. The flavor is between Lekker and Pittig, having more punch than the Lekker Gouda, but is creamier than the Pittig Gouda.