Favorite Cheeses
Pasture Grazing

What makes all our cheeses special?

All of CheeseLand's cheeses are made from the milk of animals which have been grazing on fresh herbs and grasses in outdoor pastures during most of the year and they are never given any growth hormones to unnaturally increase their milk production. This results in the highest quality, best tasting and most natural milk.

None of the cows, goats or sheep in Holland are ever treated with growth hormones such as rBST. People often choose to pay a higher prices for organic products to avoid these hormones. You can confidently buy any Cheeseland Inc. cheeses and rest assured that none of the animals were treated with rBST. All of them come from farms where the animals are humanly treated and graze outdoors in fresh green pastures, except in the deep cold of Winter.

The taste and texture of any cheese is largely dependant on the quality of the milk which is used in the cheese making process. Just like fine wines, the quality of the final product is dependent on the soil and mineral content of the region. In Holland, where the cows, sheep and goats graze in outdoor pastures, they are taking in the vital nutrients of their natural environment. The resulting cheese that is made from this sweet, wholesome milk is natural, healthy and flavorful.

Have you ever heard of Vitamin K2? It is an important nutrient which helps us to absorb Calcium and deposit that needed Calcium in the correct place in our bodies. Without Vitamin K2, Calcium can be deposited as plaque in a variety of places, not all of them being beneficial to our health. Fortunately, pasture grazed animals produce milk which is a rich source of Vitamin K2. In addition to that, the process of making and aging cheese with the Gouda culture also produces Vitamin K2.

For the best quality, nutrition and taste, look for cheeses that are made from the milk of "grass-fed" or "pasture-grazed" animals.